Instruct the wise and they will be wiser still; teach the righteous and they will add to their learning. Proverbs 9:9


Interim Executive Headteacher: Mrs C Cade

Interim Head of School: Mr M Harris

EYFS Leader: Mrs K Waddington

SENCo: Mrs L Matthews


Key Stage Two:

Class 6 Teacher: Miss Hogg

Class 5 Teacher: Miss Jackson

Class 4 Teacher: Mr J Britton

Class 3 Teacher: Miss Casey

Key Stage One:

Class 2 Teacher: Mr Walpole

Class 1 Teacher: Miss Rodriguez / Mrs Owen (Maternity Leave)


Foundation Stage Teacher: Mrs Waddington

Teaching Assistants

Miss J Adams

Mrs S Adamcyk

Miss M Bowler

Mrs D Cambridge

Mrs A Chadwick

Mrs N Cook

Mrs N Goldthorp

Ms T Haddleton

Miss A Henderson

Mrs J Kinsey

Mrs S Murkin

Mrs J Nettleship

Mrs C Peacock

Miss R Turver

Miss C Webster

Mrs S Whitaker

Mrs M Yau


Learning Mentor: Mr T Wright


Business Manager: Mrs. N Aslam

Administrative Officer: Mrs. K Murphy

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. J Galloway


Caretaker: Mr D Gibson

Ms T Haddleton

Miss M Henderson

Mrs A Atkinson

Lunchtime Supervisors

Miss T Garbett (Lead LTS)

Mrs L Casey

Miss M Henderson

Miss P Henderson

Miss R Johnson

Mr K Moore

Miss G Noe

Kitchen Manager

Mrs. J Walker