Year Two

Hello and welcome to the year 2 class page. My name is Mr. Walpole.

Year 2 is an exciting year for many reasons: it’s the last year of being in key stage 1 and it is a year we complete our SATS tests. We also have our phonics screening test in Autumn 2 which is a chance for the children to show off their fantastic skills that they have developed over the course of the previous two years. This may seem a lot, but we have a very hard working and dedicated team of staff that includes myself, Miss Turver and Miss Whittaker. We are looking forward to learning new things and rising to new challenges. As a class, we celebrate all progress and hard work through rewards and celebrations.

I strongly believe the triangular relationship of parents, children and teachers is necessary for your child’s success. For that reason, the school has systems put in place to encourage the beneficial relationship which home-school cooperation can bring for the pupil. If you have any questions you can get in touch with me through the Class Dojo system or by calling the school.

Other Key Information

  • The school has bought into TTrockstars which is a website based on aiding children’s development in mental maths and times tables. Each child has a unique log-on and password so their progress and development can be tracked. There is also the opportunity for competition as they can challenge their friends and see who is the fastest.
  • Reading – I encourage as much reading as possible; reading of fiction and non-fiction, as well as poetry with your child will inspire them and broaden their knowledge. If possible, please set aside as much time as you can for your child to read independently or with a family member each night.  We have a raffle ticket system in school and children have the opportunity to win a prize for their reading each week. The more they read at home, the more chance of winning the prize at the end of the week! Please note – a comment with a page number and signature should be made every time a child reads at home.
  • Homework – Homework is given out in homework books on Friday’s and should be returned the following Wednesday. Please encourage and help your child complete their homework and leave a comment and/or signature.
  • P.E. – Children should have an appropriate P.E. kit in school. Children are asked to wear their PE kit to school on a Wednesday and Thursday. They will wear their PE kit all day and return home in it so that we are not losing items of clothing and risking the spread of germs by getting in and out of clothes.