Academy Council & BKCAT Governance

Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. Romans 13:1

The Chair of the Academy Council is Mrs Lesley Warters. If you would like to contact Mr Warters, please do so via email at or by post to Holy Family & St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Cobblers Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 2HN.

Engaging with Parents

The Governing Body wishes to engage with parents/carers as often as possible. We would like to maintain and improve communications between you and ourselves. With this in mind, some members of the Governing Body attended the EYFS Induction Day to introduce themselves to parents and children, and to give a brief outline of the work that we do and answer any questions. We also plan to be available to speak with you when you attend Parents Evening.

Please feel free to approach us with any questions or concerns you may have…….. honestly, we don’t bite! Governors are frequently in the playground, again feel free to talk to us and give us any feedback you may have about the school.

The Holy Family and St Michael’s School Academy Council makes a real difference in helping the school to provide the best possible education for their pupils. To achieve this, the Academy Council is there to ensure that the school offers a safe, happy and healthy environment in which the pupils and staff can thrive to each reach their full potential.

The Academy Council, together with the Headteacher and the Leadership team help lead the school by providing a monitoring and strategic setting functions for the school. Governors monitor the schools functions by providing supportive challenge and acquiring assurance that the school leaders are fulfilling their duties. Examples of the functions are ( but not limited to);

  • Mission and Catholic life
  • Safeguarding
  • SEND
  • Staff training
  • Governance
  • Curriculum/pupil attainment
  • Pupil grants
  • Well-being- staff and pupils
  • Equality/Diversity
  • Data protection
  • Attendance
  • Complaints
  • HR
  • Staff grievances
  • Budget
  • Recruitment of school staff/safer recruitment
  • Health and Safety

The Academy Council is a subcommittee to the Bishop Constant Catholic Academy Trust’s Trust Board, and they are put in place to oversee the delivery of the Trust’s overall strategic plan and communication of information through the meeting minutes generated, school visits and meetings to inform future needs and set targets.

Governors play a vital role in the support, leadership and development of a school. It is important to note that Governors are volunteers, who usually have previous skills and experience in at least one or more of the functions noted above. Governors also receive regular up to date training and have a number of resources at their disposal to ensure that they are able to comfortably and effectively carry out their roles. If you would like more information about the role of a Governor please visit the Trust website

Governance-related documentation, Governor & Director recruitment details and Trust financial information can be found in the Governance section of the Trust website:

Articles of Association, Scheme of Delegation & Code of Conduct