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Holy Family And St Michael's Catholic Primary School


 Our intent:

At Holy Family all of our children have the right to have rich, deep learning experiences that cover all areas of computing. Technology plays such an integral role in our lives today and ‘computational thinking’ is a skill that all children should be taught if they are to participate effectively and safely in this technological rich environment.


Computing stands alone but also has deep links with mathematics, science and design and technology as well as being used to aid and develop children’s English skills. All children should have an opportunity to be introduced to a wide variety of technological systems such as laptops, IPads, computers, interactive whiteboards and other technology resources which allows them to continually develop their computing skills. This will ensure that all children at Holy Family have the opportunity to become digitally literate so that they are able to express themselves and develop their ideas at a level suitable for the future workplace.

At Holy Family we take internet safety extremely seriously. We have an E-Safety Policy that provides guidance for teachers and children about how to use the internet safely. Every year group participates in lessons on e-safety and children understand how to stay safe when using technology.


We intend on teaching a curriculum that enables children to become effective users of technology who can:

  • Understand and apply logic, algorithms and data representation
  • Analyse problems and have repeated practical experience of writing computer programs to solve these.
  • Evaluate and apply information technology analytically to solve problems.
  • Utilise appliances and devices throughout all areas of the curriculum.
  • Know danger signs when using the digital world and how to deal with these signs in a safe and secure way.

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Our School Computing overviews for each class.


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We do lot's of work within school around on how to keep children safe while using computers and in particular, the internet. 

Within our overviews for each year group, we cover different E-Safety topics. These can be seen in our E-Safety Maps for each year group below.

 Year 1 Online Safety.pdfDownload
 Year 2 Online safety.pdfDownload
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Staying Safe Online

Make sure that we keep safe online by following some simple steps.


1)      Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number.

2)      Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself.  Once you’ve put  a picture of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s not just yours anymore.

3)      Keep your privacy settings as high as possible

4)      Never give out your passwords

5)      Don’t befriend people you don’t know

6)      Don’t meet up with people you’ve met online.  Speak to your parent or carer about people suggesting you do

7)      Remember that not everyone online is who they say they are

8)      Think carefully about what you say before you post something online

9)      Respect other people’s views, even if you don’t agree with someone else’s views doesn’t mean you need to be rude

10)   If you see something online that makes you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or worried: leave the website, turn off your computer if you want to and tell a trusted adult immediately.


Each child has a unique username and password for Mathletics. 

'Mathletics is a captivating online learning space providing students with all the tools they need to be successful learners, both in the classroom and beyond. ...Mathletics supports and caters to each teacher's unique blend of student-driven learning and teacher-led instruction.'



Throughout each year group, children are expected to know different times tables and to use this to aid them with division sums. Holy Family have signed up to TTrockstars which is a fun, innovative way for children to learn their times tables while having a good time. There are competitions available and the children can even play against each other to see who is the fastest!


Each child has a unique username and password and we encourage parents to allow children time to be able to play and more importantly learn.


Just type in TTrockstars into google and follow the link.

Year 3 used scratch to show off their coding skills.



Year 5 have been creating mazes using their coding skills. They have been working very hard.

Foundation Class enjoyed learning some new computing skills using their technology area.


Year 6 used laptops to research Ancient Chinese symbols.