Art and DT

But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand. Isaiah 64:8


At Holy Family and St Michael’s we provide our children with opportunities to be creative so that all our children can engage and be inspired with creativity. We equip our children with the knowledge and skills that will allow them to create their own works of art, craft and design. Art and design provides some children with more freedom when they create work, which they can be proud of and increases engagement and self-esteem. We have special art days as we know this is something many of our children enjoy. We look at different artists in each year group to widen children’s knowledge, skills and experiences. We invite parents into school when we hold special events to support their children with their learning, which helps to build positive relationships and engagement.

As a school we use the Plan Bee scheme from Years One to Six for Art and Design so there is progression. We have a yearly overview for each year group to ensure full coverage of the Curriculum. Each child has a sketch book which begins in Key Stage One and journeys with the children as they move throughout school.


We support children with Art and design in many ways. We do this through following the Plan Bee scheme which allows coverage of skills and plans for progression. We use the yearly overviews so teachers know the relevant focus and knowledge and skills to be taught for their age range and previous year groups (prior knowledge) It allows the children to be inspired and challenged.

We have sketch books that allow children to improve on their previous work and see progression. We display children’s work/ share with others to allow the children to feel proud of their achievements.

We provide the children with any possible extra opportunities to be creative and develop their knowledge and skills through special art days, homework tasks, workshops with parents, etc.


Through using the Art and Design scheme it allows the children’s knowledge and skills to progress as they move throughout school and each year group. It builds on previous knowledge and their confidence. The children develop and practice skills by having a full coverage of the curriculum. Pupil voice demonstrates that Art and Design makes the children feel happy, calm and they enjoy engaging with their learning.

Parent workshops have proved to be a successful way of engaging parents and promoting relationships between parents, children and school. Feedback from parents and children show that they are happy that these opportunities are provided. As a school the workshops tend to allow the largest parental engagement with children’s learning.

Art and Design is inclusive to all children and helps to develop children’s learning in a range of ways. The subject links to other national curriculum subjects and helps self-esteem, engagement and creativity.

Please see the links below for the Art and DT overviews.

HFSM Art & Design Curriculum Map

HFSM Design Technology Curriculum Map

Due to COVID restrictions and national lockdowns, we have ensured the children do not have gaps in their learning for Art and DT by covering any learning that was missed from the previous school year at the beginning of this current school year. We have also had extra creative days to ensure full coverage throughout this year.