Collective Worship

The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth. Psalm 145:18

Collective Worship is a core aspect of our schools catholic identity. The importance of spending time in the presence of God has been fundamental the the Catholic way of life for centuries.

Here at Holy Family & St Michael’s, we ensure that our children have broad and varied opportunities to experience God through prayer and worship.

Whole School Collective Worship

Our whole school comes together at least three times a week for worship.

On a Monday, we come together on Zoom to share the Mark 10 Mission liturgy in the Juniors and Little Liturgy in the Infants.

On Tuesday’s, Mrs Cade revisits the weekend Gospel and Mark 10 Mission with us, reflecting on its message for us today and we share our prayer focus for the week.

On Wednesday’s, Mr Harris shares with the school the statement of the week from Virtues to Live By.

On Friday’s, our school meets together again in celebration of the past week. This assembly incorporates an element of Collective Worship, focusing on how we have shown the weekly mission and virtues in our lives.

Virtues to Live By

To ensure children and young people are given opportunities to:

  1. Hear the Christian story and encounter the person of Jesus
  2. Understand their uniqueness and dignity as made in the image and likeness of God
  3. To have a sense of belonging to their school community, parish and a range of communities.
  4. Grow in their knowledge and understanding of the virtues.
  5. Practise the virtues to further the call to live life to the full.
  6. Appreciate the connection between biblical and practical wisdom and living.
  7. Know that our limitations are also opportunities for growth.
  8. Know that God can be found in all things: everything has the opportunity to reveal God’s presence to us.
  9. To be shown love and to love, to be forgiven and to forgive, to be reconciled and to reconcile.
  10. To have fun, to use their imagination to create and recreate, to notice and reflect, to play.

Class-based Collective Worship

Each class is given several opportunities to pray throughout the day, with one on these being a longer, more formal Collective Worship. Children are taught a range of Catholic prayers to be used in a range of different situations. The children within the class are given the opportunity to plan and lead Collective Worship with the support of the class teachers. We use the Ten:Ten Collective Worship to support our Class-based worship.

Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word spreads the Gospel in a powerful new way – sowing seeds to school parents and their families.

The Wednesday Word mission aims to help all school families draw closer to God, to the Church and to each other. The Wednesday Word particularly seeks to reach the majority of parents (which statistics tell us are 80% in many schools) who do not take their baptised children to church or read the Bible together.

The primary school version of The Wednesday Word is a double-sided A4 leaflet which carries the Sunday Gospel into school family homes. The children receive the leaflet in school each week for them to take home with them to read with the rest of the family.

Holy Family and St Michael’s distribute the Wednesday Word every week to every family via letter carriers to take home.

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