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Holy Family And St Michael's Catholic Primary School

Values and Ethos

Mission Statement


Our Mission as a Catholic school is to create and develop a community centred upon the teaching of Jesus Christ where all individuals are enabled to reach their full potential. 


This is expressed through:-


            A climate based on respect, justice and trust that affirms the

            uniqueness, selfworth and dignity of the individual.


            A curriculum which fosters equal opportunities and enables the

            development of each individual child’s gifts and talents.


            Our commitment to the ongoing development of the links between

            school, home, parish and the wider community.


            A variety of forms of prayer, worship and liturgy to contribute to the

            development of faith of each individual in the school community


Aims and Objectives


The main aim of our Mission Statement is that our teaching and learning are centred on the teaching and example of Jesus Christ.


The key areas of the distinctive nature of Catholic education as defined by the Bishops’ statement ‘Principles, Practices and Concerns’ published in September 1996 are:

  1. the search for excellence, as an integral part of the spiritual quest;

  2. the uniqueness of the individual, made in God’s image and loved by Him;

  3. the education of the whole person, based on the belief that the human and the divine are inseparable;

  4. the education of all, with the particular duty to care for the poor and disadvantaged;

  5. moral principles, put into practice within a Christian community.

All aspects of school life are firmly rooted in Christian principles

We aim to ensure that pupils are given a secure, well-ordered school which will allow for their spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth.

Our aim is to develop “the education of the whole person which not only enhances the dignity of the individual, but in the long term promotes the common good in society and in the world-wide human community.”

Our aim is to help the child to develop awareness which is:


aesthetic                                        physical

creative                                         scientific

ethical                                           social

linguistic                                       spiritual

mathematical                                 technological

to help the child to come to terms with his environment and to become a happy, useful and successful member of society.

Every member of the school community “possesses a basic dignity that comes from God” and is therefore worthy of respect.  Everyone must be encouraged to share in the responsibility for the common good of all within and beyond the school itself. 


Central to the life of our school and underpinning all that we do are the gospel values of love, respect, honesty, justice, forgiveness and a sense of community.  It is of prime importance that the school should be a happy one and that the staff should be firm in the belief that the establishment of a secure and happy child/teacher relationship is vital to the learning experience.  Through such a relationship the child will find pleasure and encouragement in learning situations.


The aims of the Behaviour Policy are focused on developing positive attitudes towards self, others and the environment and to help pupils to respond to these issues with understanding, sympathy and cooperation, to learn to work towards the “Common Good” in society.


“The search for excellence is seen as an integral part of the spiritual quest.  Christians are called to seek perfection in all aspects of their lives.  In Catholic education, students are, therefore, given every opportunity to develop their talents to the full.”


It is this belief which underpins our aims and which is the basis of all our curricular objectives.

In our school we strive to ensure our pupils will:

  1. Be safe

  2. Be healthy and happy

  3. Enjoy learning

  4. Achieve success

  5. Be able to contribute to their school and society

  6. Be prepared for a life in the 21st century